Hate having to decide between a matte finish or high shine finish styling product?  Want a product that provides both a light / natural hold but can also keep your hair in place ALL DAY LONG. Whether it be a man or a woman looking for the hair styling product that can do it all, and more, we have finally cracked the code on a styling product that will revolutionize the market. So, without further ado, we would like to announce today (April 1st) of the upcoming launch of the…Air Pomade.

Designed to cocktail with all our pomades and men’s hair styling products, this pomade was tried and tested at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in West Hollywood. Made for all hair types, the whole idea behind the product is to accentuate your hairstyle. Once you use one of the many Baxter hairstyling products to get your look set, add the Air Pomade to really blow out the features.

With this new Air Pomade, you will be able to achieve any and all hair styles. Slick Back? Mix this with our Hard Water Pomade…check! Short hairstyle? Add a little of this pomade with our Clay Pomade…check!  Something that is really cool that you may or may not have ever even heard about? Ah, check! Say goodbye to the days of reading the “The Right Product for Every Type of Hair. (Yes, Even Yours.” article because the Air Pomade can do all that. The article on the “11 Men with Very Different Hair on the Product they Use Every Day”…throw it in the trash. You do not need it. Want to know why…Air Pomade. This product is going to change the game. Air Pomade…coming soon…ish.

Baxter of California Baxter PSA