Grooming expert and guest contributor Sara Tintari gives us the 411 on the essentials you will need for a fun and fresh festival season.

Music festival season is here. It’s that time of the year to see your favorite bands, artists, hit up epic parties and shop at the most relevant vendors. How pumped are you?! Were you even at Coachella if you didn’t snap those perfect Instagram-worthy moments? You know, in front of the Paramount Farris wheel, that sun-kissed sandy selfie, group shots vegging in the grass and if you’re juiced in, a photo of you hanging backstage or in a star wagon.

These types of music festivals are not a walk in the park or a relaxing day at the spa. Be mindful of the desert conditions. The desert is hot by day & cold by night. But no need to sweat (pun intended) Baxter of California has the must-have essentials for the ultimate ‘Festival Survival Kit’. 

Plan accordingly before the weekend-long jam-sesh. Here’s the 411 you need to get through the weekend feeling—and smelling—fresh, clean and like you aren’t living like an animal (even tho you are). Don’t leave home without the following to survive in Indio and any other festivals you plan to attend this year.

Refresh and keep it going with the Shave Tonic Spray (travel size). It’s also vital to protect yourself from the sand/dirt in the air by packing a bandanna. Another item to pack is the
Hydro Salve Lip Balm for moisturized/smooth lips.

Be sure to bring your Under Eye Cream to vanish away the sleepless nights of partying. You won’t have much time to perform your everyday facial routine, but instead you can easily refresh and remove pore debris with the Herbal Mint Toner. A pair of cool sunnies are a must too.

Now, festivals are all for raving and dancing with people who you’ve never met before. Don’t ruin the moment with smelly arm pits. Keep our Deo in your fanny/cross-body bag along with Altoids for funky breath relief.

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