Remember when barbershops were basically just decked out man-caves with inclusive grooming services? The jars of Barbicide on the counter, a stack of Playboy or XXL on the magazine rack? Without doubt the barbers in these spaces were obviously male-centric. Today the barbering industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift as more and more women invade this sacred space. #Ladybarber is a hashtag in its own right, with over 470,000 posts on Instagram.

Inside of most barber shops there are the usual tools you’ll spot: Wahl clippers, usual floor hair and of course tons of product (such as our Clay Pomade). But, something that you don’t see in many barbershops shops are unified teams of men and women co-existing in an establishment where gender has no authority. Tactfulness, talent and good energy are all power traits of female barbers at Baxter Finley Barber and Shop. There, you find unique individuals that represent and billboard both diversity and authenticity. We honor the team of women that are pioneering a new frontier for women in the barbering industry.

Baxter Finley’s grooming/skincare expert Ananda Tuyes has overcome many challenges in her career. After a strenuous journey of not feeling at home or welcomed at the various shops she has worked at. Ananda notes that finding a home at Baxter Finley was one of the most impactful moves in her career to-date. Ananda uses the power of being present to fuel her creativity and to maintain her peace in her work environment. “ I try to keep myself fully present when I feel as if my mind gets stuck on one thing. Remembering to breathe and remain in the moment has helped me with expressing my best self.” As a multifaceted skincare expert and barber Ananda brings a fresh dynamic to the grooming atmosphere.

If you’re seeking a dope haircut and the cleanest of fades, Master Barber Monique is the grooming aficionado you need. With a list-long of loyal clients including notable faces such as model/influencer Miles Richie. Monique is one of the fan favorite’s at Baxter Finley for her detailed work and authentic vibe. “She notes that the power of a woman is expressed through resilience, mindfulness, and being a warrior.” As a woman who’s assertive with her craft, perspective, and voice Monique rightfully disrupts standards in the barber industry.

Grooming Guru Carmen passionately uses her craft to help better the lives of the people that sit in her chair each day. Carmen quotes “my drive is amplified by the love for my clients, there’s nothing like good company. ” Carmen says she is inspired by her mom who teaches a class called ‘Strong’ which empowers women to discover the best of themselves. Carmen notes that the power of women is found in their strength, divinity, and inspiration. Carmen exudes passion, persistence, and patience everyday in her craft and in her life.

Baxter Finley’s salon director / manager Sarah Healy has made it her mission to give barbers an opportunity to create a lane of their own. Pushing past societal expectations herself, Sarah has carved a career that allows her to utilize her natural gifts of intuition, confidence and inner strength to inspire her barbers to reach for new heights. “My greatest ability is to read energies and see people for who they truly are despite the armor most wear on a daily basis”. With a group of strong women working at Baxter Finley, Sarah notes “ my team of women are truly special because they bring a dynamic of passion and welcoming energy.”

We salute the female power leaders at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop and all women that are fearlessly in pursuit of their dreams while also pushing the boundaries. This group of women represents what it means to live a #lifelivedtrue.