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Celebrating #BaxterDads

Father’s Day is a very special time here at Baxter of California.  For us, it’s about celebrating the unique relationship between a father and son. The importance of grooming is passed on from generation to generation, introduced by dad at a young age. To celebrate #BaxterDads, we spent the day at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop talking to 5 father-son duos about  grooming – how the dads showed them to shave and groom themselves, and the memories the sons now have around grooming. Read below for more and watch the #BaxterDads Father’s Day video here.


Prospero and his son Oscar are in the restaurant business with Oscar owning 5 successful restaurants in the LA area from Downtown to Venice. He remembers his father always shaving with a single blade razor, which he does to this day and how when he was 19 his mustache was so sparse his wife had to fill it in with makeup. They both love classic cars and going on road trips to Vegas and Laughlin.


Scott Toepfer, a local photographer, and his 3 year old son Levi hung out at Baxter Finley with Levi running around the shop asking lots of questions. Scott is very proud of Levi’s open and inquisitive nature and has already begun teaching him how to fix bikes and take pictures with a 35mm camera. The most rewarding thing for Scott is when Levi learns something from him and hopes to teach him to always be gracious, respectful and thankful.


Ralph and Gabriel Ornelas had a great time at Baxter Finley! Ralph, a recently retired LA Sheriff Department Commander,  thought they did a much better job shaving his head than he ever has and Gabriel, who runs all collaborations and film licensing for Oscar-winning director, Baz Lurhmann, really enjoyed the hot towel treatment with Baxter of California’s Shave Tonic. Ralph teases that his son wanted to be a crossing guard as a kid and would one day have to take over doing goofy impressions from his dad. Gabriel used to pretend to shave with his dad with a Bic razor with the blade guard on and always remembers how neat and groomed his father looked in uniform.


Michael Pedicone, a barber at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, gave his 15 month old son Luca James a haircut. He hopes to teach his son how to work on motorcycles and how to use a straight razor as soon as possible. The wisdom he wants to impart to his son is the importance of always looking put-together and having good hygiene even if you’re rocking a casual messy look.


Steven and Bolen Gorden are both in the family business of barbering, stretching over 3 generations. Steven got to cut Bolen’s hair for the first time in 12 years and for both it was an emotional trip down memory lane.  One of Bolen’s earliest memories was making a nuisance of himself running around in the morning while Dad was shaving before going to work. Steven would sometimes let Bolen pretend shave with the razor guard on.

Shaving Safety Tips


Shaving shouldn’t be a chore. We listened to you and are tackling your shaving concerns. Read on for our first few tips when it comes to shaving. Follow #TheRealShave on social @baxterofca for more tips and tricks .

Realshave - 2

TIP 1: SHAVE SLOWLY. We’ve all heard that slow and steady wins the face, and shaving is no different. If you want to avoid having to add bandages to your accessory list, we recommend you slide the razor slowly and gently along the contours of your face. Baxter of California can help you achieve the most comfortable shave every time with three essentials. Prep face with Shave Tonic and then apply Super Close Shave Formula for a smooth shave that leaves skin hydrated. Finish up your shave with our cooling & calming After Shave Balm for less irritation.

Realshave - 3

TIP 2: SHAVE, EVEN IF YOU CAN’T GROW A FULL BEARD. Struggling to grow a full beard? Nothing looks less attractive than patches of beard, so please shave – it’s for your own good! Just accept it, not everyone is as lucky as Chuck Norris in the beard department. The perfect shave starts with the right product. Use Baxter of California’s Super Close Shave Formula for an easy glide and the perfect cushion between your face and the razor.

Realshave - 4

TIP 3:  USE AN AFTERSHAVE. We’ve all seen the kid in the movie that slaps the aftershave on his face and starts screaming – who needs that, right? The good thing is that a lot has changed since the 90’s! Harsh chemicals have been removed from aftershave and they have been replaced with nature-based botanicals and humectants that soothe and hydrate the skin, like Baxter of California’s After Shave Balm.

How To Cocktail Pomades

Image: Bethany Catherine @bethcath

We sat down with our Baxter stylist Whitney Vermeer (@whitneyvermeer) for a tutorial on pomade cocktailing – what it is, why you need to know it, and most importantly, how to do it yourself. Read on below for Pomade Cocktailing 101.

Q:  What is cocktailing?

Cock-tail-ing (v)

A treatment regimen that includes a combination of several styling products, so that their combined effect is more potent than that of any of the products used individually. No one has perfect hair. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution. At Baxter of California we provide you with the essentials. Giving you the opportunity to play chemist and develop an ideal solution specific to your hair type and texture.

Q: When/why should I cocktail?

To achieve the same result as you receive in the salon. Rarely does your stylist use just one product in your hair.

Q: What are the steps to cocktail?

  1. Analyze hair
  2. Identify desired result
  3. Emulsify driest product first
  4. Add second product (make sure products are completely broken down between your palms)
  5. Distribute evenly throughout hair

Q: How do I choose the products to mix?

Identify the desired hold (firm, medium, light) then choose the finish (shine, natural, matte)

Q: Any tips on cocktailing for specific hair types? Straight, wavy, curly etc.

Some of my favorite formulas:

–For that thick hair that needs to be cemented into place:  FhSf = CP + HwP

Firmest Hold/Shine Finish= Clay Pomade + Hard Water Pomade


–For longer, textured hair or curly hair: MhNf = HcP + SwP

Medium Hold/Natural Finish = Hard Cream Pomade +  Soft Water Pomade

** The Soft Water Pomade added into the Hard Cream Pomade will dilute the hold to a medium hold.


–For a controlled pompadour,  FhMf = CP + HcP

Firm Hold/Matte Finish = Clay Pomade + Hard Cream Pomade

** The Hard Cream Pomade helps to break down the beeswax in the Clay Pomade without loosening its hold. This dynamic duo leaves a firm hold without demising volume. I especially love using this formula in towel dried hair and finishing this style out with a blow dryer and denman brush to achieve a controlled, voluminous pompadour.



Look as Handsome as Archer

Look as Handsome as the World’s Greatest Spy With Help From Baxter of California 

Whether fighting rebels in far-flung destinations, scheming to sabotage his co-workers or making time with the ladies, Sterling Archer, the namesake protagonist of the acclaimed FX animated series Archer, has mastered the skill of looking his best in the stickiest of situations.

Now every man can achieve “Sterling” good looks. The “Get The Look: Archer” bundle includes the essentials for every international man of mystery: Hydro Salve Lip Balm, Hard Water Pomade, and Super Close Shave Formula, the perfect recipe to match Sterling Archer and to keep every guy at the top of their grooming game. Why these items?

  • Bold Hard Water Pomade: Gives Archer the slick shiny look he loves along with a soft never crunchy hold to his hair.
  • Super Close Shave Formula: Gives his face a smoother feel than a baby’s bottom.
  • Hydro Salve™ Lip Balm: Keeps his lips soft and kissable.


To keep up with this well-groomed investigator’s next moves, tune in to Archer for the Season 7 premiere on March 31st on FX at 10pm e/p.

Spring Adventure with #Baxteronhand – GIVEAWAY

Spring is upon us and it’s time for some adventuring. Everyone has different ways of exploring – some of you love adventure, some love to get horizontal in the sand. Either way, we want to know how you’re spending Spring and how having #Baxteronhand would make your time that much better. We’re giving away a year’s worth of Baxter of California products, plus 3 of our best sellers for 3 other winners. Entering is simple and you have two methods.

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5 Styling Tips from Baxter Finley barber Frank

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop barber Frank Sariles spoke to Birchbox about his favorite tips & tricks when it comes to styling your hair, picking products and visiting your barber.


1. Start styling hair soon after showering – the earlier you start styling your hair, the easier it will be, and the more control you’ll have. At the very least brush your hair into place—even if it’s just with your hands—so that it dries in the right style.
2. It’s best to style your hair on the drier end as opposed to dripping wet. Drier hair helps prevent diluting the styling product.
3. Make the most of natural curls and waves – products with shine like Hard Water Pomade control them and add to their finishes.
4. Think about hair thickness when picking a styling product – a cream is good for thick hair because it won’t weight it down, a clay is good for fine hair because it won’t separate it.
5. When going in for a cut, don’t wear a hat or use too much product that day. Hair is best when cut in its natural state, and hat hair or gunk can impair your barber’s ability to cut. 

Frank’s favorite products: Clay Pomade, Daily Protein Shampoo & Daily Moisturizing Conditioner.


Grooming Low Down with Celebrity Stylist Marissa Machado

We caught up with celebrity groomer Marissa Machado (@mnmachado)  to talk shop on her latest red carpet styling escapades. From Michael Keaton to Nick Jonas, Marissa knows what it takes to make men look their best, starting with Baxter of California.


Q: What are your favorite products in the Baxter of California line?

A: I love the Oil Free Moisturizer. It melts into skin and doesn’t leave a heavy feel or shine. I am also a big fan of the Soft Water Pomade. I love the shine it gives while also a flexible hold. For the perfect scruff I love using the Beard Comb. I am able to get a nice close-to-the-skin trim.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.06.09 PM

Q: What grooming tricks do you always use when getting your clients ready for parties or the red carpet?

A: The most important thing for me while getting any of my clients ready for the carpet or any event is to keep them looking masculine. I never want anyone to look at my work and think ‘great makeup’ or that they even have a groomer. It’s not about me. It’s about keeping the integrity of a man. I want them to look like the best version of themselves. Like a true gentleman.

Q: Damn, we love that. For the recent Oscars and events around it, how did you choose Nick Jonas’ look or Michael Keaton’s?

A: Usually an event like the Oscars is just about elevating the everyday look to movie star status. This year my men had a very true-to-themselves look. Nothing too fussy. Again, the best version of themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.05.58 PM

Q: Any other red carpet tips to share?

A: When getting a man ready for the red carpet I take in the time of day for lighting as well as the time of year for temperature. Weather plays a huge part in a face as well as hair. It’s about knowing your client and what is going to work as well as last the day or night.

Q: Why do you love using Baxter of California?

A: I love Baxter of California because there are few lines geared toward men.  I love clean packaging and a masculine look in my set up and I am able to achieve that with Baxter.

You can follow more of Marissa’s red carpet styling on Instagram. And for more behind the scenes looks at grooming, follow us at @baxterofca.