The Chainsmokers at the Grammys

Grammy night is unlike any other event during awards season and the entire night—from the red carpet to the exclusive after parties—is often as wild and crazy as the music artists who attend. For the most part, yes, there’s a lot of focus on women’s hair, makeup and outfits, but don’t think that a lot of time, effort and prep isn’t going into helping guys look their best as well. Celebrity grooming and stylist extraordinaire, Simone (@simonegrooming), got to work using her favorite Baxter of California hair and skin products on musical duo, The Chainsmokers (@thechainsmokers), who were going into the night with 3 Grammy noms, including Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Best Dance Recording.

Simone’s got some serious credentials with a who’s-who of A-listers such as Rami Malek, Luke Wilson, Kevin Bacon, Jason Segel and Adrian Grenier, to name just a few of her clientele.  Every client Simone works with has different preferences and styles, so she gave us the rundown on which products she used on The Chainsmokers last night.

For Alex (@alexpall), Simone starts with the Herbal Mint Toner to refresh the skin, then gently massages the Under Eye Complex into his skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles. She follows with the Oil Free Moisturizer for some shine-free hydration that looks great on-camera. Since Alex is now sporting a beard, she opts for the Beard Comb to get it in good shape. For Alex’s hair, she first uses Hard Cream Pomade to shape it, finishing it with the Hard Water Pomade for a little last minute texture and shine.

Alex_Under Eye Alex_Ready Shades

For Drew (@drewtaggart), who likes to sport a clean-shaven look, she starts with Shave Tonic post-shave, followed by the Herbal Mint Toner to close pores and minimize redness. She then applies the Under Eye Complex to eliminate discoloration around the eyes, followed by the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream on any dry spots. She finishes with the Oil Free Moisturizer to give his complexion a healthy appearance and applies Hydro Salve Lip Balm, wiping away any excess shine. Drew likes to do his hair himself for events, so Simone typically just likes to add a bit of texture with Clay Pomade before he walks out the door.

Drew toolkit2

Once Alex and Drew were en route to The Staples Center, we sat down with Simone for a little one-on-one over what it’s like to style and groom men for the an event like The Grammy Awards and what it was looking working with The Chainsmokers:

Q: Any insider tips and tricks on how you made sure Alex and Drew kept that look for a night full of events and after parties?

Simone: “They both have such laid-back style and have beautiful skin, so it’s easy for them to look great all night. Some oil-free moisturizer, eye cream, and hair product does the trick!”

Q: Why do you love Baxter of California? What’s the one Baxter of California product you can’t leave home without?

Simone: “Baxter of California is the ultimate men’s brand. All products keep the laid back California feel while also being able to create a fresh, pulled together look. Basically you can get a great and sexy look without trying too hard when you use Baxter. I can’t leave home without 3 of your products:  The Under Eye Complex (a life saver!), the Hard Cream Pomade for flexible styling, and the Hard Water Pomade for finalized texture and shine.”

Q: When people think of men and red carpet they immediately think of hair, but what are the skin care secrets that make artists be camera ready? 

Simone: “So many of my clients arrive to me just off a plane so keeping their skin hydrated is key. The Under Eye Complex and Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream both work wonders.”

Q: Are there any current grooming trends you’re loving right now and why?

Simone: “I love that men are starting to really care about the well-being of their skin. Men’s skin needs just as much TLC as a woman’s and I love how it’s becoming more mainstream to promote men’s skincare.”

Q: What’s your definition of the modern man and how has traditional grooming evolved over the years?

Simone: “The modern man is confident and sexy without overcompensating with traditional stereotypes of masculinity.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working with Alex and Drew?

Simone: “They’re just the coolest, nicest, most laid-back guys. They deserve all their success.”

Q: What’s your favorite song by The Chainsmokers?

Simone: “All of them, of course!”

Hair set standing on a red pillow

Barber Rituals: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether you’re single, spoken for, or somewhere in-between this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to take pride in yourself and what you have to offer. It can be a little daunting, even stressful, for some, so we hit Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to ask a few of our barbers about their Valentine’s Day experiences, tips and grooming rituals.

Monique (@marketbarber)


Our own Femme Fatale of Fades, Monique , likes to prep for her romantic ventures in 2 ways. Firstly, she gets her head in the game, prepping her state of mind with her own confidence-boosting playlist designed to resonate with every romantic bone in her body. She then sets up her space by creating a clean, pristine, and relaxing atmosphere, lighting some santo palo incense, and adjusting the lighting to promote a positive mood. Get it girl!

Erik (@erikdabarber)


Erik always gets a haircut and shaves before a big date; it’s just what’s done. Has he ever forgotten V-day and had to deal with an angry girlfriend? Sure he has, but that’s what flowers and candy are for. And what makes a date enjoyable for this gentleman barber? His go-to’s include an expensive dinner at The Grove, some great conversation, and a little Barry White to set the mood at the end of the night. Ohhh yeah.

David (@pdavidalexander)


David has a few solid moves up his sleeve. His winning pickup line? “The drunker you get, the better I look. Can I buy you a drink?” Instead of Valentine’s Day, he chooses to celebrate Singles Awareness Day with a good long hike followed by dinner and a movie. Flowers and chocolates aren’t really his thing—he prefers a nice scotch. His romantic style is offbeat but adventurous; he once spent Valentine’s Day in Paris with a total stranger and had a blast. That’s bold!

And there you have it; where V-day is concerned, there’s no right or wrong way. However you choose to celebrate, remember to make it fun, classy and uniquely your own style.




You Can Use Aftershave Balm for That?!

We’re sure you know how to use aftershave balm… it goes on after a fresh shave. No sh*t. But we bet you didn’t know just how versatile this men’s skincare product actually is. Sure, its primary functions are to cool inflammation, moisturize the skin to relieve razor burn, and help prevent in-grown hairs.  It turns out there’s a number of uses for aftershave balm, making it one of the most versatile items in a gentleman’s grooming regimen; we’ve asked our resident experts at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to break these myriad uses down for us.

As an Everyday Lotion

An aftershave balm is, at its core, a pretty effective moisturizer. Its formula features soothing aloe vera and purifying tea tree oil to tone soften your skin wherever it’s applied. It doesn’t just have to be for your face—use it on your hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere else you need a little extra moisture. It’s lighter than most moisturizers so it won’t leave a greasy residue. And it smells damn good.

For Minor Sunburns

What do razor burn and sunburn have in common? They’re both red and painful, so why can’t the formula that works on one work on the other? Sunburn lotion/ointment and aftershave balm contain many of the same skin-soothing ingredients, after all. Use aftershave balm after a long day of being out in the sun to keep your skin looking soft and redness-free.

After You Get Your Ink

Aftershave balm is designed to heal irritation and close pores after your shave. After a tattoo, you basically want to do the same to the affected area. Not only does it keep your skin clean and hydrated, its soothing ingredients like aloe and menthol also tamp down on itching, peeling and burning that commonly follows a brand new tat.

As an Emergency Disinfectant

As you may know, aftershave helps keep any cuts you get while shaving from getting infected. It does this thanks to alcohol and other naturally sterilizing ingredients like tea tree oil, which some people opt to use it as an emergency antiseptic. Only if you’re in a bind, though.

For Shaving Delicate Areas

Shaving cream or foam creates a rich layer of lubricating lather that acts as a cushion between your skin and the blade. Problem is, you might need more visibility if you’re trying to shape a specific area like your beard, sideburns and other unmentionable places. Aftershave is naturally emollient and will create that same moisture barrier while going on clear so you can actually see what you’re doing.

Young man in the wood

How to Winterproof Your Skin

Whether it’s the harsh blizzards of New England, the chilly rains of the Pacific North West or the comparatively mild, cool days of LA, winter weather conditions can do a serious number on your skin. You might find that your rest-of-the-year skin care regimen isn’t cutting it, but not to worry—we have everything you need to keep your skin looking its best, even in some of the most inhospitable conditions.

Extra Hydration is Key

Cold temperatures cause our pores to close tight as surface moisture is bled away, leading to dryness, itching, chapping and even cracking. Your regular moisturizer might not cut it so we recommend something a little more emollient like the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream with its rich, hydrating complex of botanical oils, glycerin and natural humectants. These ingredients strengthen the lipid barrier—your skin’s natural defense against dryness—while promoting firmness, elasticity and a healthy-looking tone.

Don’t ignore the rest of you though—hands and lips can become dry, chapped and cracked so they’re definitely going to need an extra layer of protection. The Hydro Salve Hand Cream and Lip Balm hydrate and nourish with plant-based oils, rich in Omega fatty acids which help create a layer of insulation from the cold.

Take Your Time When Shaving

For shaving, we’d recommend putting in in a little more prep and post work to keep your skin on an even keep. This means starting your shave right after exiting the shower while your pores are still open. Start with our Shave Tonic to wake up your skin before shaving. Follow with the Super Close Shave Formula with its soothing blend of peppermint oil, tea tree and menthol crack down on any potential inflammation before it has a chance to begin. Finish with our alcohol-free After Shave Balm to get that extra layer of hydration between you and the elements before you step out of your door.

Other Tips and Tricks

Just like in the summer months, it’s important to stay hydrated so that your skin has an emergency reserve of moisture it can draw from. The aloe vera in many of our products draws moisture up to the surface of the skin while our botanical humectants keep it locked into the lipid barrier to keep skin looking soft and healthy.

If your skin is more on the oily side, you may still find yourself in need of an extra layer of moisture when the temperatures dip and your pores go into survival mode. Odds are your skin isn’t going to be producing too much sebum if it’s really cold, but that doesn’t mean the moisture can’t be sapped from it by the environment. But if you’re worried about breakouts, we’d recommend exfoliating with our Facial Scrub first to help keep your complexion clear.

In the Beatles song, “I Am The Walrus,” John Lennon writes about “getting a tan standing in the English rain.” That wasn’t just a cool bit of lyrical poetry. UVA rays pierce even heavy cloud cover as if they weren’t even there, causing redness and premature aging. So it’s always a very good idea to wear a sunscreen even on a cold and gloomy winter’s day.

Apply these changes to your skin care regimen for a noticeable improvement in your skin’s behavior during the colder months.

Ice, ice, baby.


Get Your Skin In Super Shape

Okay, so you’re a guy, but you’re also concerned about aging and that’s totally cool. You’re definitely not alone these days with more men taking better care of their skin while they’re young, which can really pay off later on in life. With this in mind, Baxter of California looked to our own past to draw inspiration for our new Super Shape line, with specially designed anti-aging solutions for today’s modern man.

Going back to our roots, we started with a brand new take on the flagship product that put Baxter of California on the map back in 1965; the original Super Shape Skin Conditioner was specifically formulated to combat the effects of weather, shaving and environmental aggressors on men’s skin.

Keeping to that, we’ve taken the best of the old formula and combined it with cutting-edge science and revitalizing plant-based ingredients to develop the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream, presenting a revolutionary approach to anti-aging skin therapy. The men’s skincare and grooming market continues to grow and evolve to meet the demands of men’s anti-aging needs. Looking for new and innovative ways to fight back against the march of time on our skin is precisely the way we intend to meet those needs.

We’re also proud to announce that the new Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream is our first product to feature advanced technology aimed at visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles as it evens out skin’s tone and revitalizes skin at the cellular level. All the while it’s working overtime to undo the damage your skin gets put through on a daily basis by hydrating, protecting and repairing it for an incredible look and feel.

Every guy’s skincare regimens are different and not everyone has the time for multiple products, so we worked hard to create a multi-tasking, well-rounded moisturizer that recharges your skin morning, noon or night. Its unique gel-cream texture melts easily into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Its paraben- and fragrance-free formula features some serious anti-aging ingredients including caffeine, plant extract, and soy protein.


While the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream works great on its own, we recommend pairing it with our Daily Face Wash and Herbal Mint Toner to really take your skin regimen to the next level.

Go get your skin in super shape.



Vitamin Cleansing, Party of 4

We at Baxter of California are very excited to announce the release of our 4th Vitamin Cleansing Bar scent to really help you up your shower game.  We took the Citrus and Herbal Musk essence from the ever-popular Deodorant and infused it into our invigorating bar soap for a bright, yet masculine scent. Maybe you’re into body washes, and that’s cool—body washes are great and they get the job done (we carry those too). But this isn’t just any ordinary bar of soap; not only does it remove dirt, oil and impurities from your skin with a rich lather, it rinses off easily without drying skin out or leaving behind a heavy residue.

Its nourishing paraben-free formula does it all, from hydrating to softening and conditioning thanks to a revitalizing cocktail of skin-boosting active botanicals, plus it’s gentle enough to use multiple times a day for those of you who shower day and night. It features soothing aloe vera extract to cool irritation while sunflower seed oil boosts firmness and elasticity as it softens the skin. But it doesn’t stop there; the orange stripe down the center of the bar is packed with glycerin to fight off dryness all day long. To be frank, it looks cool AF so you won’t mind displaying it for your bathroom visitors to see.

And don’t forget, Citrus & Herbal Musk is simply the latest additional to an already happy Vitamin Cleansing Bar family:

  • Bergamot and Pear Essence - blends dry citrus aromas with cool notes of pear and a crisp base of cedar wood for a subtle and appealing scent

Be a vitamin specimen.




Home For The Holidays

This holiday season, we’re following three L.A.-based modern gentlemen as they talk about what gets them into the spirit of the season.  Whether it’s driven by the love of family or the importance of traditions both old and new, there’s something special about being home for the holidays. From the shores of Malibu to the desert foothills of the Rocky Mountains, keep Baxter on hand.

Nevin Pontias (@nevmcq)

When Nevin Pontius was growing up on a farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin, he and his family would pile in their old Toyota and visit relatives in Arizona for the holidays. Nowadays, he spends a few hours of family time every morning with his wife, Scarlett and daughter, Clementine, playing with Play-Doh and tinkering with cars. He keeps that family road trip tradition alive, taking his wife and daughter to visit their parents every holiday season in his vintage Porsche.

Steven Smith (@iamstephensmith)

Agrarian adventure travel photographer, Steven Smith may be based in L.A. but he’s always considered his home state of Colorado his true home.  Every year he looks forward to riding his motorcycle up there for the holidays, finding the majestic spaces of the desert and mountains humbling and inspiring. More importantly he’s grateful that no matter how good, bad or hectic his year has been, he gets to enjoy good food and reconnect with his family.

Davide Burette (@shelterhalf)

Italy-born Entrepreneur, Davide Burette moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University three days after completing his tour in the Italian military. He phoned his future wife, a California native, who he’d met in Europe and she took him down to the beach.  He settled here many years ago to start a family and he’s been in love with this very special stretch of coast ever since. For him, the most beautiful days are around the holidays, not just because of the sun, sand and waves, but the satisfaction he takes in seeing his children take such delight in this very special time of year.


Watch their stories here.


6 Tips for Strong Beard Growth

Growing out your beard takes more than time. It’s part of the process, make no mistake about it, but there are a few other things to take care of while you wait. We caught up with our local Baxter Finley beard experts and had them weigh in on a few things to keep in mind while growing out your beard.

1.     Accept that it Will Take Time

It will take most men roughly a month to grow out a full beard. This is an average length of time and it will vary based on the individual. Whatever the case, it’s important to let it grow. Resist the urge to tinker with it too much until it’s long enough to see what you’ve got to work with. You can (and should) keep is neat during this time by keeping the hairs at an even length, but the time and place for full on trimming will come at a later stage.

2.     Remember to Wash it

Your beard is still hair and that means sweat and dirt will collect inside of it, even if it’s short. A gentle shampoo may be best until you’re sure you know what your face and hair can handle. How often you clean it is up to you, although most men wash their beards whenever they wash their hair.

3.     Comb / Brush it

Combing your beard while it’s growing serves two separate purposes. First, you’re training your hair to grow in a uniform direction. This will only help your beard be more magnificent when it grows to its full glory. Second, you’re keeping it smooth and free of tangles, snags, or knots. There’s nothing worse than an unruly beard so grooming is essential during this time.

4.     Soften It Up

Many men find that their facial hair grows in rougher than the hairs on their head. This is where beard oil comes into play. Beard oil softens the hair and allows it to lay flat. At the same time, it provides moisture to both the hair and skin underneath. Conditioner can also be used when showering to help keep the hair moisturized and soft.

5.     Accept that it Will Itch. And Try to Resist the Urge to Scratch

If you are growing out your beard for the first time, you may experience a certain amount of itchiness. This is normal. Try to resist the urge to scratch, as you may damage the hairs or irritate the skin underneath. Combing your beard may help alleviate some of the itchings, and beard oil can relax the hair as well. Thankfully, the itchiness usually goes away after about a week or so.

6.     Use A Beard Growth Oil

Beard growth oil may sound like something you see in cartoons but it actually does exist. It’s important to remember, however, that beard growth oil is not a miracle ointment. You won’t slather it on your face at night and wake up looking like ZZ Top. What it does contain, however, are essential vitamins and minerals that help promote hair growth, such as vitamin E. Many beard oils meant for moisturizing purposes will also double as growth oils.

Growing out your beard for the first time is a process. And you thought all you had to do was sit back and wait? If you’re one of the many men who are fortunate enough to grow a full, magnificent beard, these tips should help get you where you want to go. If you’re cursed with a baby face, condolences, it just isn’t in the cards.

For the rest of us, happy growing!


How To Grow Out Your Hair

Every now and then you want to explore a new style, which often requires growing out your hair. Well guess what? In theory, growing out your hair is actually pretty easy—just don’t touch it! In reality, this ends up being one of most difficult challenges for men with little to no experience in managing a longer mane. So for the guys that decide to take the plunge and go for it, we turned to Baxter Finley Barber & Shop‘s Frank Sariles for a few quick tips on how to get through this journey with success:

Consult and Partner with Your Barber or Stylist

Understanding how to manage and style your hair is not only important, it is a crucial part of this process; maintaining a neat and well-groomed appearance during the awkward phase of growth (between styles) will be your key to success.  You should be prepared to spend some time learning how to style your hair with different products to help you through the transition. For example, while the firm hold of Clay Pomade or Hard Cream Pomade works well with shorter hair, you may find that you prefer the lighter, more natural hold of Cream Pomade or Grooming Cream as your hair grows. Take advantage of your barber/stylist’s expertise in these instances—they could just be the saving grace you need to make it through this.Take advantage of your barber/stylist’s expertise—you’ll quickly learn that this will be the saving grace that gets you through the awkwardness.

Plan Your New Look 

Growing out your hair means a new hairstyle and a new look. Consider what your new style will consist of as it pertains to your grooming, including facial hair, and plan accordingly while you’ve got the time.

Start with an Even Cut 

Odds are that unless you’re starting out with a shaved head, your hair is already uneven. This is actually pretty normal—very few men grow hair evenly throughout. This doesn’t mean you have to buzz it down in order to start over. If you’re starting off with some extremely uneven parts, it may be a good idea to even things up before you let it grow out.

Leave it Alone for 8 Weeks

 Keeping in mind that everyone’s hair is going to grow at different rates, you’ll generally hit new style periods approximately every 8 weeks. At that point, you can cut your hair and have it remain in that growth style rather than returning it to what it was before.

Maintenance is a Virtue

While you should resist the urge to cut your hair for at least 8 weeks, remember not to neglect other areas of your head and face. Your body doesn’t know that all you want to do is grow the hair on the top of your head, and the tendency to completely shut down all grooming is what leaves men looking messy. Remember your eyebrows, neck, and facial hair is all still growing. Maintaining these areas effectively goes a long way towards presenting yourself as a man who is intentionally growing out his hair as opposed to someone who flat out became lazy.

Power Through the Awkward Phase

There will be some awkward times during those 8 weeks. As your new hair takes shape and style, it can be a new and uncomfortable time as you learn to deal with that new mop. Take it in stride and power through. Above all else, resist the urge to cut or trim it down. This will be the perfect time to revisit your barber/stylist to educate yourself on haircare and styling products that might assist you though this awkward stage.

Don’t Force the Style You’re Going For

Growing your hair out can be a lengthy process. Regardless of the look you’re going for, remember that it will take time to get there. Don’t force your hair into braids or buns if it’s not ready. Not only will you look silly, you could damage your hair in the process.

Growing out your hair isn’t as easy as simply putting down the scissors and backing away. Your new look will take time and there will be some messy, awkward experiences along the way. Some men struggle with their newfound locks while others embrace it.

In the end, a clean and focused approach will have your hair on its way to levels of handsomeness while minimizing the annoyance of coping with the awkward phase. Your regular barber/stylist understands your hair, perhaps better than you do, and will be happy to offer assistance during this time.

Happy growing!


Why Get Pasted: The Barber Perspective

Baxter of California is proud to present our new Paste Pomade, and it might be our finest pomade yet. If our Hard Cream Pomade and Clay Pomade had a baby (and we’re not 100% sure they didn’t), the new Paste Pomade would be the lovable, versatile result. The Paste Pomade combines the strong hold of our Clay Pomade with the maneuverability of our Hard Cream…the result is pomade that offers a workable, hard hold with a solid, semi-matte finish.

We take pride in our network of Baxter of California educators. These barbers are some of the finest in the business and they really know their pomades. We knew if we wanted some honest feedback on our product, the best way to get it would be to have it field tested in the trenches by the best.

Professional barbers Whitney VerMeer and Michael Mejia weighed in on the new Paste Pomade. Among their thoughts:

Easy Learning Curve, Good User Experience

This is something we really wanted to go for. The pomade user comes in all shapes and styles and we wanted to craft a product that was easy to use and afforded a certain amount of flexibility to the wearer.

The firm hold of this pomade is strong enough to style and set, yet maneuverable enough to appeal to a wide variety of users. The semi-matte finish offers a healthy sheen that is somewhere between the vibrant shine of our Hard Water Pomade and the most natural finish of our cream pomades.

Great for Curly Hair

The Paste Pomade helps relax the natural curl of the hair and leaves a light, natural looking shine. This pomade is ideal for individuals who like the firm hold of our Clay pomade but are looking for a little more versatility for their texture.  At the same time, this product allows for greater maneuverability and volume control than our firmer hold pomade.

No Need for Cocktailing

Many pomade users like to mix and match their products to achieve the right amount of shine and hold. We set out to create a product that offered the best of both worlds. Our users want the ability to set a style they like, while also having the freedom to make adjustments with a semi-matte finish.

While this product works well on its own and we’re confident that you won’t need to cocktail, we found some of our barbers still liked the cocktailing experience and suggested using Paste Pomade for the styling and shine, drying, then applying our Clay Pomade to achieve maximum hold.

Bottom Line

The Paste Pomade is a true 2-in-1 product that offers the hold of a firmer pomade combined with the styling freedom of a softer cream. Thanks in no small part to the valuable feedback provided by our Baxter Finley barbers and Baxter of California educators, this pomade will appeal to a variety of wearers. From the most hardcore pomade users to the novice, this product has style, ease, and versatility that is sure to please. We’re confident our Paste Pomade will make a great addition to your grooming collection.

So get pasted!