How To Choose The Right Type of Razor

Whether you’re sporting a full beard, a clean shave, or something in-between, shaving is a part of your life. For some, it is a meticulous ritual, a proud men’s grooming tradition to be enjoyed. For others it may be more of a tiresome chore. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you figure out what works best for you.

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from when selecting the best shaving tools for the job. Depending on what style of shave you want, there are some important factors to consider, such as skin type, hair type and comfort-level. We’ve turned to our top shaving experts over at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop  for their take on which of the 4 classic shavers best fits your personal lifestyle.

Cartridge Razors

We’re not gonna lie, this isn’t exactly our favorite but we completely understand the appeal. Also known as the “disposable razor,” shaving by way of a cartridge razor is the most common men’s shaving method today. They typically feature a solid handle attached to a replicable cartridge that has multiple blades.

Best for: Getting the job done, quick & dirty when you’re travelling, at the gym or just pressed for time. Works for all skin types and for those who want to look clean-shaven for most of the day.

  • Offers quick and easy shaving with less chances of knicks and cuts
  • Very travel-friendly
  • You can pretty much find replacement cartridges anywhere generic men’s shaving products are sold
  • The blades dull quickly and the cost of replacement cartridge packs can really add up
  • The fact of the matter is they don’t offer the closest shave possible, which means you’ll have to shave more often
  • If you think triple-plus blades are better, think again. Added blades may cut hairs the first ones miss, but they’re also scraping against your skin multiple times, increasing the chances of razor burn, bumps and in-grown hairs

Electric Razors

Depending on your needs, this handy advance in men’s shaving technology works well for the gentleman on-the-go. Most are battery-powered these days while some still feature a plug-in cord, but don’t take those ones in the shower with you.

Best For: Anyone looking for speed and comfort over closeness and precision. Good for all skin types and if you’re looking to maintain a small amount of scruff.

  • They’re fast and efficient at cleaning up a Five O’clock shadow and for quick touchups.
  • They dramatically reduce your shaving time.
  • The blades may need a little maintenance with lubricating oil (usually included), they’ll typically last longer than cartridge razors.
  • Make no mistake, it offers the least closest shave of all men’s shaving tools, even the high-end ones don’t come close to other shaving methods.
  • These babies will set you back with the highest up-front cost of any shaving method.
  • Even among the best models, irritation and in-grown hairs are common.

Safety Razors

We may be a little biased, but bear with us. This classic men’s shaving tool offers up superior closeness and affordability. Most likely it’s what Dad used and his Dad before him back in the day but thanks to its simple design and undeniable efficiency, it’s been making a huge comeback.  It features a solid handle and one replaceable blade held in-place by a removable casing.

Best For: A patient and meticulous shaver rituals and value precision and neatness when shaving. Good for all skin types including sensitive.


  • Double-edged safety razor blades are readily available and for affordable than cartridge razor replacements.
  • Delivers a much closer shave than cartridge and electric razors without causing as much irritation.
  • One pass of the single blade per facial area is typically all you need, this cuts down drastically on irritation making it great for sensitive skin types.

Straight Razor

The original men’s shaving tool, this timeless classic never goes out of style. It features a solid handle with a fold-out single blade.

Best For: Expert shavers and professional barbers who want a closest shave possible.

  • Delivers the closest shave of the for men’s razors.
  • With the proper care, this baby can last you a lifetime, making it the last razor you’ll ever need.
  • You can’t help but look like a badass shaving with this.
  • A quality straight razor might set you back with a higher up-front cost than even an electric shaver but it’s a good investment in the long run.
  • The sharpness of the straight razor’s blade needs to be maintained with a leather strop which is an added expense.
  • This razor’s definitely not for the faint of heart. If you’re not careful you can really cut yourself so there’s definitely a learning curve. We recommend consulting with your barber.


So there you have it, hopefully this helps you narrow down which shaving tool is the right fit for you. Each has their merits and their drawbacks, some more than others. If you’re after a truly complete and gratifying shaving experience, consider a safety or straight razor for that top-notch closeness and precision.

The Chainsmokers at the Grammys

Grammy night is unlike any other event during awards season and the entire night—from the red carpet to the exclusive after parties—is often as wild and crazy as the music artists who attend. For the most part, yes, there’s a lot of focus on women’s hair, makeup and outfits, but don’t think that a lot of time, effort and prep isn’t going into helping guys look their best as well. Celebrity grooming and stylist extraordinaire, Simone (@simonegrooming), got to work using her favorite Baxter of California hair and skin products on musical duo, The Chainsmokers (@thechainsmokers), who were going into the night with 3 Grammy noms, including Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Best Dance Recording.

Simone’s got some serious credentials with a who’s-who of A-listers such as Rami Malek, Luke Wilson, Kevin Bacon, Jason Segel and Adrian Grenier, to name just a few of her clientele.  Every client Simone works with has different preferences and styles, so she gave us the rundown on which products she used on The Chainsmokers last night.

For Alex (@alexpall), Simone starts with the Herbal Mint Toner to refresh the skin, then gently massages the Under Eye Complex into his skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles. She follows with the Oil Free Moisturizer for some shine-free hydration that looks great on-camera. Since Alex is now sporting a beard, she opts for the Beard Comb to get it in good shape. For Alex’s hair, she first uses Hard Cream Pomade to shape it, finishing it with the Hard Water Pomade for a little last minute texture and shine.

Alex_Under Eye Alex_Ready Shades

For Drew (@drewtaggart), who likes to sport a clean-shaven look, she starts with Shave Tonic post-shave, followed by the Herbal Mint Toner to close pores and minimize redness. She then applies the Under Eye Complex to eliminate discoloration around the eyes, followed by the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream on any dry spots. She finishes with the Oil Free Moisturizer to give his complexion a healthy appearance and applies Hydro Salve Lip Balm, wiping away any excess shine. Drew likes to do his hair himself for events, so Simone typically just likes to add a bit of texture with Clay Pomade before he walks out the door.

Drew toolkit2

Once Alex and Drew were en route to The Staples Center, we sat down with Simone for a little one-on-one over what it’s like to style and groom men for the an event like The Grammy Awards and what it was looking working with The Chainsmokers:

Q: Any insider tips and tricks on how you made sure Alex and Drew kept that look for a night full of events and after parties?

Simone: “They both have such laid-back style and have beautiful skin, so it’s easy for them to look great all night. Some oil-free moisturizer, eye cream, and hair product does the trick!”

Q: Why do you love Baxter of California? What’s the one Baxter of California product you can’t leave home without?

Simone: “Baxter of California is the ultimate men’s brand. All products keep the laid back California feel while also being able to create a fresh, pulled together look. Basically you can get a great and sexy look without trying too hard when you use Baxter. I can’t leave home without 3 of your products:  The Under Eye Complex (a life saver!), the Hard Cream Pomade for flexible styling, and the Hard Water Pomade for finalized texture and shine.”

Q: When people think of men and red carpet they immediately think of hair, but what are the skin care secrets that make artists be camera ready? 

Simone: “So many of my clients arrive to me just off a plane so keeping their skin hydrated is key. The Under Eye Complex and Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream both work wonders.”

Q: Are there any current grooming trends you’re loving right now and why?

Simone: “I love that men are starting to really care about the well-being of their skin. Men’s skin needs just as much TLC as a woman’s and I love how it’s becoming more mainstream to promote men’s skincare.”

Q: What’s your definition of the modern man and how has traditional grooming evolved over the years?

Simone: “The modern man is confident and sexy without overcompensating with traditional stereotypes of masculinity.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working with Alex and Drew?

Simone: “They’re just the coolest, nicest, most laid-back guys. They deserve all their success.”

Q: What’s your favorite song by The Chainsmokers?

Simone: “All of them, of course!”

Barber Rituals: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether you’re single, spoken for, or somewhere in-between this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to take pride in yourself and what you have to offer. It can be a little daunting, even stressful, for some, so we hit Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to ask a few of our barbers about their Valentine’s Day experiences, tips and grooming rituals.

Monique (@marketbarber)


Our own Femme Fatale of Fades, Monique , likes to prep for her romantic ventures in 2 ways. Firstly, she gets her head in the game, prepping her state of mind with her own confidence-boosting playlist designed to resonate with every romantic bone in her body. She then sets up her space by creating a clean, pristine, and relaxing atmosphere, lighting some santo palo incense, and adjusting the lighting to promote a positive mood. Get it girl!

Erik (@erikdabarber)


Erik always gets a haircut and shaves before a big date; it’s just what’s done. Has he ever forgotten V-day and had to deal with an angry girlfriend? Sure he has, but that’s what flowers and candy are for. And what makes a date enjoyable for this gentleman barber? His go-to’s include an expensive dinner at The Grove, some great conversation, and a little Barry White to set the mood at the end of the night. Ohhh yeah.

David (@pdavidalexander)


David has a few solid moves up his sleeve. His winning pickup line? “The drunker you get, the better I look. Can I buy you a drink?” Instead of Valentine’s Day, he chooses to celebrate Singles Awareness Day with a good long hike followed by dinner and a movie. Flowers and chocolates aren’t really his thing—he prefers a nice scotch. His romantic style is offbeat but adventurous; he once spent Valentine’s Day in Paris with a total stranger and had a blast. That’s bold!

And there you have it; where V-day is concerned, there’s no right or wrong way. However you choose to celebrate, remember to make it fun, classy and uniquely your own style.



You Can Use Aftershave Balm for That?!

We’re sure you know how to use aftershave balm… it goes on after a fresh shave. No sh*t. But we bet you didn’t know just how versatile this men’s skincare product actually is. Sure, its primary functions are to cool inflammation, moisturize the skin to relieve razor burn, and help prevent in-grown hairs.  It turns out there’s a number of uses for aftershave balm, making it one of the most versatile items in a gentleman’s grooming regimen; we’ve asked our resident experts at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to break these myriad uses down for us.

As an Everyday Lotion

An aftershave balm is, at its core, a pretty effective moisturizer. Its formula features soothing aloe vera and purifying tea tree oil to tone soften your skin wherever it’s applied. It doesn’t just have to be for your face—use it on your hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere else you need a little extra moisture. It’s lighter than most moisturizers so it won’t leave a greasy residue. And it smells damn good.

For Minor Sunburns

What do razor burn and sunburn have in common? They’re both red and painful, so why can’t the formula that works on one work on the other? Sunburn lotion/ointment and aftershave balm contain many of the same skin-soothing ingredients, after all. Use aftershave balm after a long day of being out in the sun to keep your skin looking soft and redness-free.

After You Get Your Ink

Aftershave balm is designed to heal irritation and close pores after your shave. After a tattoo, you basically want to do the same to the affected area. Not only does it keep your skin clean and hydrated, its soothing ingredients like aloe and menthol also tamp down on itching, peeling and burning that commonly follows a brand new tat.

As an Emergency Disinfectant

As you may know, aftershave helps keep any cuts you get while shaving from getting infected. It does this thanks to alcohol and other naturally sterilizing ingredients like tea tree oil, which some people opt to use it as an emergency antiseptic. Only if you’re in a bind, though.

For Shaving Delicate Areas

Shaving cream or foam creates a rich layer of lubricating lather that acts as a cushion between your skin and the blade. Problem is, you might need more visibility if you’re trying to shape a specific area like your beard, sideburns and other unmentionable places. Aftershave is naturally emollient and will create that same moisture barrier while going on clear so you can actually see what you’re doing.