Why Get Pasted: The Barber Perspective

Baxter of California is proud to present our new Paste Pomade, and it might be our finest pomade yet. If our Hard Cream Pomade and Clay Pomade had a baby (and we’re not 100% sure they didn’t), the new Paste Pomade would be the lovable, versatile result. The Paste Pomade combines the strong hold of our Clay Pomade with the maneuverability of our Hard Cream…the result is pomade that offers a workable, hard hold with a solid, semi-matte finish.

We take pride in our network of Baxter of California educators. These barbers are some of the finest in the business and they really know their pomades. We knew if we wanted some honest feedback on our product, the best way to get it would be to have it field tested in the trenches by the best.

Professional barbers Whitney VerMeer and Michael Mejia weighed in on the new Paste Pomade. Among their thoughts:

Easy Learning Curve, Good User Experience

This is something we really wanted to go for. The pomade user comes in all shapes and styles and we wanted to craft a product that was easy to use and afforded a certain amount of flexibility to the wearer.

The firm hold of this pomade is strong enough to style and set, yet maneuverable enough to appeal to a wide variety of users. The semi-matte finish offers a healthy sheen that is somewhere between the vibrant shine of our Hard Water Pomade and the most natural finish of our cream pomades.

Great for Curly Hair

The Paste Pomade helps relax the natural curl of the hair and leaves a light, natural looking shine. This pomade is ideal for individuals who like the firm hold of our Clay pomade but are looking for a little more versatility for their texture.  At the same time, this product allows for greater maneuverability and volume control than our firmer hold pomade.

No Need for Cocktailing

Many pomade users like to mix and match their products to achieve the right amount of shine and hold. We set out to create a product that offered the best of both worlds. Our users want the ability to set a style they like, while also having the freedom to make adjustments with a semi-matte finish.

While this product works well on its own and we’re confident that you won’t need to cocktail, we found some of our barbers still liked the cocktailing experience and suggested using Paste Pomade for the styling and shine, drying, then applying our Clay Pomade to achieve maximum hold.

Bottom Line

The Paste Pomade is a true 2-in-1 product that offers the hold of a firmer pomade combined with the styling freedom of a softer cream. Thanks in no small part to the valuable feedback provided by our Baxter Finley barbers and Baxter of California educators, this pomade will appeal to a variety of wearers. From the most hardcore pomade users to the novice, this product has style, ease, and versatility that is sure to please. We’re confident our Paste Pomade will make a great addition to your grooming collection.

So get pasted!

Back to Basics: When to Shampoo & Condition

Every hair type is different and requires a different approach to cleanliness. You want to be clean, but maybe you’ve heard it said that cleaning too frequently isn’t good for your hair? Don’t worry, we sat down with Baxter Finley’s expert barber, Erik Taylor, to get his pro take on the controversial subject.

It’s true that the shampoo and conditioner of yesteryear weren’t always the healthiest thing for your hair. The chemical compounds found in shampoo led to the excessive stripping of the hair’s natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle.

To combat this, most modern shampoos have added moisturizing agents and the chemical formulas have gotten a lot gentler. However, shampoo is an emulsifier. This means it attaches to the oils in your hair and rinses them away. It’s gotten better, but it can still lead to dry hair. This still begs the question: how often to shampoo and condition your hair?

First thing, everyone’s hair care needs are different, and what works for one may not work for another. Personal preference, your specific hair type, and style will all impact this decision. Erik told us it isn’t unusual to encounter a variety of types in a given day: from guys who shampoo and condition daily, to weekly, or even not at all.

The reasons for ditching shampoo and conditioner altogether vary. Some guys are chemical-conscious and wash simply with water or all-natural ingredients. Others simply swear they can style their hair better without washing. We don’t think that’s a good idea. Take care of your mane, gents.

To get general, Erik gave us a few tips to guide us:

1. Wash daily to remove buildup, styling product, or just that dirt & grime you know you can’t avoid.

2. Curly, thick haired individuals can go longer between washes. Conditioning is always optional but recommended to smooth the cuticle.

3. Fine-haired people may want to wash more frequently. The reason being, your hair produces natural oils in between washes and that can lead to an oily, greasy look and feel. It’s more noticeable in thin, or fine hair.

4. If you’re working out or otherwise sweating a lot, you should wash your hair afterward, even if you already washed it earlier that day.

5. Heat styling (curling or straightening) zaps hair of its moisture. Shampoo can do the same. If you can’t quit the heat, stay out of the shower… at least for a few extra days to let your hair regain its moisture.

6. Some people may need to condition more often, depending on their hair type, but a good rule of thumb is to condition every time you shampoo.

7. Shampoo your hair before you come in for a cut. The conditioner is optional. This is good for the hair, though it won’t necessarily impact the haircut itself. Your barber definitely appreciates it.

8. Use a comb when applying conditioner to distribute the product evenly. The sitting time of the conditioner does not significantly impact its effectiveness, however; the key is making sure you’re working the product through from roots to ends.

WTF Baxter: The Men On Screen

In August, we debuted a video series to help men tackle the hard f*cking questions—the ones some of us didn’t even know we needed aswered. In order to get the message across, we enlisted the help of 4 wildly hilarious #Baxtermen, including comedian Justin Martindale, actor Jay Ali, comedian Karl Hess, and actor Tobias Jelinek. We’ll continue to release their videos—each targeting a unique men’s grooming topic—every Wednesday, so make sure you keep checking  in for more laughs. And just so you know a little bit about the men dropping all this knowledge, we sat down with each of them and asked them a few questions of our own.

Justin Martindale: An LA-based comedian originally from San Antonio, TX who has been seen as a guest on E!’s “Live From E!” as well as the series “Worst Thing I Ever…” If you live in or visit LA, you can catch Justin’s live performance at The Comedy Store & Laugh Factory.

Justin blog image

Baxter: But for real, Justin, deodorant or antiperspirant?

Justin: Clear deodorant 1000%.

Baxter: Have you ever…dated someone with better hair than you?

Justin: There’s no such thing.

Baxter: Brush, comb, or just the man claw?

Justin: Man Claw like God intended.

Baxter: Do you freak out if someone else touches your hair?

Justin: Depends on who the person is. Nope I take it back… Yes I care. Trust no one.

Baxter: Just for sh*ts n giggles: boxers or briefs?

Justin: Boxer briefs.


Jay Ali: A UK-born actor best known for his portrayal of Vaughan Daldry on Bloomers. He also portrays Mr. Timothy in the ABC Family series, “The Fosters.”

Jay Ali

Baxter: But for real, deodorant or antiperspirant?

Jay: Deodorant.

Baxter: Have you ever…dated someone with better hair than you?

Jay: No!!!  Have you seen my hair? It’s amazing.

Baxter: Brush, comb, or just the man claw?

Jay: I find a good tug of the hair by anyone’s hand does a good job.

Baxter: Do you freak out if someone else touches your hair?

Jay: Depends if it’s done in a loving way or a “Tell me where the money is” way.

Baxter: Just for sh*ts n giggles: boxers or briefs?

Jay: I’m a big fan of boxer brief thongs.


Karl Hess: A stand-up comedian, writer, host and actor who lives in Los Angeles. He is the only person ever to do all of those things. He also enjoys tacos and leisure.

Karl Hess

Baxter: But for real, deodorant or antiperspirant?

Karl: Deodorant.

Baxter: Have you ever…dated someone with better hair than you?

Karl: Once.  It was a nightmare and frankly I’d rather not speak about it.

Baxter: Brush, comb, or just the man claw?

Karl: Man claw all day. Maybe a comb if it’s something important like a wedding or court appearance.

Baxter: Do you freak out if someone else touches your hair?

Karl: No, I don’t freak out. I get even.

Baxter: Just for sh*ts n giggles: boxers or briefs?

Karl: Boxer briefs—best of both worlds. Just enough support, but not over-bearing.


Tobias Jelinek: An American actor raised in Santa Barbara, California. Tobias’ landed his first film role at the age of 15 as Jay in Disney’s classic Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. You might also recognize Tobias in his recent role as a Lead Agent in the Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things.”

Tobias Jelinek

Baxter: But for real, Tobias, deodorant or antiperspirant?

Tobias: I ain’t afraid of a little sweat. Leave aluminum for the foil.

Baxter: Have you ever…dated someone with better hair than you?

Tobias: That’s possible.  There was that one. But it’s complicated. Next question..

Baxter: Brush, comb, or just the man claw?

Tobias: Man claw.

Baxter: Do you freak out if someone else touches your hair?

Tobias: I don’t know. You wanna try?

Baxter: Just for sh*ts n giggles: boxers or briefs?

Tobias: I like to be held tightly.