Life Of Riley

Here at Baxter of California we like to feature characters that are built into the grain of the California landscape. Men who embody the Baxter spirit and ethos and are fans of our products. This week we are excited to present to you “Life Of Riley”, a film tapping into the fascinating life of Riley Harper.

Riley Harper is a second generation stuntman living the California dream. Born and raised in the beautiful topography that is California, he embodies the California lifestyle through and through. If he isn’t jumping motorcycles as the double of your favorite super hero or rallying a muscle car with someone on the hood, he is on his hand built 1965 Triumph TR6 Trophy enjoying the perfectly paved bending roads of the Santa Monica mountains or scoring perfect waves at Malibu on his single fin—both “training for the job,”  as he describes. He has lived a well rounded life and experienced many great things all over the world, but in his eyes “the best vacation in the world is just being home” in California.

To see more from Riley follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

Directed by: Sinuhe Xavier
Director of Photography: Mike Svitak
Produced by: Clint Cowen
Original score by: Todd Stopera
Ariel Photography by: Ben Grimes and Aaron Grimes
Edited by: Carol Martori

50th Anniversary Event

On Thursday, February 25th we threw an event to celebrate our 50 year anniversary.  We packed into our Baxter Finley Barber & Shop for libations from Bulleit Whiskey, Santa Monica Brew Works and and to listen to the sounds of the surf jazz duo the Mattson 2. On this night we commemorated our heritage and reflected our 50 years in the mens grooming market. From our first product, Super Shape —which is returning later this year all the way through to our place as the premier grooming product across the globe we have paved the way for men’s grooming and give men a high quality, effective product.

Thank you to Bulleit Whiskey, Santa Monica Brew Works, Magnolia Photo Booth Company, Bollare and Farmer’s Belly Catering for bringing the event to life.

Here’s to many more years of providing men with the premium grooming solution.  Cheers!


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Baxter of California – 50th Anniversary

This year marks our golden anniversary. 50 years of providing men with premium grooming solutions. It began with a single product built out of California necessity by our founder Baxter Finley: Super Shape, a men’s skin conditioner that offered protection from the sun and sea. This gender-specific breakthrough became the start of a revolution.

In the years since, Baxter of California has pioneered a comprehensive range of products tailored to a man’s needs. Our products are tried, tested and true, from our Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to outpost across the globe.

We are dedicated to elevating the craft of men’s grooming by combining the best of our legacy with science, nature and modern craftsmanship. This is the evolution of men’s grooming. This is Baxter of California.