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No one has ever taken a good school picture. But this year is different. We’re guiding you to the hairstyles to rock on picture day and the products you need to have the best back to school hairstyle yet. Plus a few picture days styles that you can try to pull off at your own risk…


There is a reason they still call Elvis “The King” and style gods like Brad Pitt and Bruno Mars dabbled in this style. A classic Pompadour style haircut is just that, classic. As far as the cut, you are going to want to get it short on the sides, tapered in the middle, and then leave 3-4 inches on top so you can get that nice, volumized look. Before styling, make sure you apply some Grooming Cream pre-blow dry to build a frizz free foundation. After, you have two courses of action: 1) for a more slick back and shiny look, use our Hard Water Pomade or 2) for a more natural finish, use Clay Pomade (it’s award winning). Few sprays of the Clay Effect Style Spray if you want a little more texture, and boom, you just became the “King” of Picture Day.


If you like extremes or you just binged Peaky Blinders, the Undercut is your move. For the sides, not much explaining, get’em short (1 or below). For the top, this is where you can add your own flare, long or short, whatever works for you is the way to go. Once the cut is down, the product all depends on what you got going on: for short styles use the Cream or Clay Pomade for a little texture or a lot (Tip: throw in the Soft Water Pomade if you want a little shine added in there).  For the longer looks, the harder pomades will give you more control – Hard Cream will give you a natural look with some hold, while that Hard Water is perfect for those slick backs.


If you want people to do a double take,  this might be your move. The bowl cut, and we cannot believe that we’re writing this, is back. It should be stated that these are not the bowl cuts that your mom gave you; they have a little more texture and style to them, so make it clear to your barber what you want. As for the styling, some Clay Pomade and Clay Effect Style Spray will add both texture and keep the look in place.


Business in the front and party in the back.  The mullet hairstyle has had more comebacks in popular culture than any on the list. With the “Summer of Sleaze” in full effect, this is your chance to immortalize a great mullet look. What to tell your barber…go back and just read off the first line of the paragraph. Trust us, they will know what to do. And the only product you needs is the Clay Effect Style Spray. Perfect to control fizz, give texture and allow you add a little hold to keep the mullet in place all day long. When it comes to this picture day style, two words: SEND IT.

Look, in 20 years it will look terrible any way. Mullet, fade, undercut, it won’t matter.  But right now, you could look good. I mean really good with these styles. So go for it, whatever look it may be, and own this picture day.

Get The Look: David Beckham

Many professional athletes are just as fun to look at as they are to root for. Enter David Beckham… if there’s one guy who knows how to make his fans swoon, whether it was on the field in his heyday, on the red carpet, or in the comfort of his own home, it’s Beckham.

Thanks to his ever-changing hairstyle, he’s got a look to satisfy every pallet—or at least has at one point or another over the last 20-something years. Into man buns? Check. Beckham pretty much brought the look mainstream  when he debuted it back in 2003. What about the side part? Check.  Mohawk, cornrows, faux-hawk? Check, check & check.

Choosing the “Beckham look” that’s a unanimous favorite is as hard for us as it presumably has been for him, so we turned to our master barbers at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to see which styles they think he’s pulled off best and get their advice for achieving the look at home.

Beckham’s Best Looks (according to the experts):

1. Long on the top, short on the sides

Depending on what side you like to part your hair, having a long top haircut allows you to change up your look. Try a pompadour with Clay Pomade or Hard Cream Pomade, a sleek back or side look with Hard Water Pomade, or a low hold messier look with Cream Pomade.

2. Medium Length Hair with a beachy, lived-in look

Want to look effortlessly good? Use the Clay Effect Style Spray to get that lived-in look that shows that you can be stylish and have fun at the same time. This is great for both medium straight or wavy hair.

3. Shorter Sides, Spiked Top

A fun, youthful look that’s definitely making a comeback. Use the Clay Pomade to take your haircut to new heights.

4. The Buzz Cut

When you want to have a low-maintenance “wake up and get out the door” kind of look, you can’t go wrong with a buzz cut. As your hair starts to grow back, use Cream Pomade or Grooming Cream keep those hairs in check.



Here’s the Verdict on Man Buns

The man bun—a look we sort of never thought would last, something reserved for guys who also never leave home without a leather jacket, a motorcycle, and lots of rings. But it only seems to be getting more widespread. It’s true that the “ungroomed” look for men’s grooming has been in for a while, but when even Groupon rolls out a $10 clip-in bun for men, is it safe to say that this trend has come undone? Have we reached a saturation point as a culture or will it not be long until dudes start going full Castaway? Listen here, Wilson.

Are they still cool?

Since David Beckham debuted the look that brought ’em mainstream back in 2003, we’ve since seen man buns crop up on a slew of Hollywood stars, athletes, cool bros, new dads, et al—Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper—the list goes on. A few of these high-profile man bunners have since snipped their top knots, some are just beginning their journey.  El Segundo, California-based toymaker Mattel recently announced they’re releasing a version of Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend, for those unfamiliar) with—you guessed it—a man bun. It’s safe to say that these buns ain’t going nowhere. At least for now.

Trends aside, what really matters is what works best for you. If you’ve got medium-length to long hair—whether you’re trying to grow it out, or life got in the way and you skipped a few haircuts—you know that hair, too, can sometimes get in the way. Even if you’re feeling the longer, shaggier new you—your neck gets hot, your hair flies in your face, or maybe you just want to mix up your look once in a while. We say, if you’re going to take a dip in these murky man bun waters, do it right, and keep it low-maintenance. It’s actually pretty simple, so long as you’re not stealing all your girlfriend’s hair ties. A few things to keep in mind, bun brethren:

What About Washing?

It really comes down to personal preference—some bunners swear by once daily routine, while others will tell you they’ll go upwards of 2 weeks at a time without washing their hair (gross). We don’t advise this, particularly if you’re a gym-goer (if you use the gym for more than just a social activity, chances are you’re going to sweat… and if you sweat, you’re going to want to wash your hair, trust us). Whatever your preference, you’re going to want use a 1-2 shampoo + conditioner regimen.

A good, nutrient-enriched shampoo will repair and cleanse without drying, while a coconut-infused conditioner will help deliver natural nutrients essential for healthy hair growth and act as a remedy for dry already hair and scalp.

Do You Need Any Product?

Something everyone deals with after washing their hair is frizz. If you have thick, wavy or curly hair and want a natural-feeling man bun, a little grooming cream with light hold is your best bet—throw it in while your hair’s still damp and it’ll take care of the frizz no problem. For a more gritty, lived-in look (regardless of hair type), you’ll want to opt for a texturizing spray, which can be used pre- or post-blow drying.

Don’t Pull Too Tight

Ideally the man bun is more about function than fashion, so it should definitely be comfortable and easy to wear. Gather the hair tightly enough to stay secured in a bun, but don’t pull it so tight that your sore scalp will be paying for it later.

Find a Midpoint

Placement is important. The eventual bun should sit somewhere on the back-center of your head. Make sure to get any stray hairs at the bottom that can tend to fall out and grab them into your hand. You can also tame the strays with a finishing spray

But, how?

To actually complete your man bun, pull your hair back into a mid-high ponytail, wrap the hair tie around twice, then on the third pass simply tuck the end into the band. All there is to it! Now get out there—you’re ready for a full man bun day.

2017 Style Guide: Aaron Thornton

Once upon a time, a German and a Swede met in Northern California and had Aaron.

Aaron Thornton (@athor13)Aaron

Aaron grew up in Yosemite, CA but left the world’s biggest trees for the world’s biggest fashion scenes—New York and Milan—where he modeled before moving to Santa Monica, CA. But don’t think he’s just a pretty face in low-slung jeans with six-pack abs; this 25 year old invented a yoga mat that rolls up by itself, having it crowd-funded and patented. He’s also done some stunt work for a TV show in LA and hopes to keep inventing, getting patents and inspiring others to dream.


^He likes sporting the connected haircut shaped short to long, which offers a lot of versatility depending on how it’s styled. For a raw, edgy look, he wears it kicked up with a spikey texture, held firm with Clay Pomade. When it comes to skin, he’s all about soothing the razor’s edge with pre-shave treatment Shave Tonic and post-shave moisturizing protectant After Shave Balm.


^The rocker in him likes to wear it wild, disheveled and pushed forward with a combination of moldable Clay Pomade and firm-hold Hard Water Pomade for a balance of structure and pliability. Aaron keeps his skin buff with Exfoliating Facial Scrub two times per week.

Check out all the looks from our Style Guide and live life true.


2017 Style Guide: Jason Koko

Jason is the product of something that happened in Vegas but didn’t stay in Vegas.

Jason Koko (@jason.koko)


This 20 year old North Hollywood newbie’s striking gaze and pronounced V-shaped hairline give him an intense aspect that he tries to soften by not taking himself too seriously. When he’s not hunting for vintage vinyl records around LA, you’ll probably find this beach addict strolling through Venice or chilling by the surf on most weekends.  Proud but never satisfied, he’s constantly trying to better himself and hopes to move forward in his acting/modeling career.


^Jason likes sporting the taper fade undercut with his every-day look characterized by a laid-back, natural texture and movement controlled with a light hold by Soft Water Pomade. This style shows off his face so he uses Herbal Mint Toner to balance his skin, a cross between oily and dry.


^For rebel roles, he wears it in an exploding front comb-over, brought to its full mayhem with the light hold of Grooming Cream and finished with Clay Effect Style Spray (coming May 2017). His chaotic schedule can be rough on skin, so he uses Exfoliating Body Bar every morning in the shower.


^For a Bad-boy-gone-good appeal, he wear it off to the side and ruggedly separated on top, set in place with pliable Hard Cream Pomade. He’s done with dry, chapped lips because he moisturizes them daily with mojito-flavored Hydro Salve Lip Balm.

Check out all the looks from our Style Guide and live life true.


2017 Style Guide: Zac Taylor

Unlike René Grincourt, who likes to rock the classic “connected” cut, some guys tend to keep things a little shorter. Introducing Zac, rockin’ it high and tight.

Zac Taylor (@ zacleetaylor)


Zac makes his home in Long Beach, CA, but you can’t cant take the country out of this good ol’ Texas boy. This 28 year old likes riding motorbikes, he even built one from scratch once. A self-professed “ninja at fixing things,” you’ll find him tinkering with cars when he isn’t hiking, surfing or kicking back with his Bae. He’s currently training hard for his black belt in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, so maybe there’s more truth to that ninja thing than he lets on. He dreams of one day surfing the big swells off of Crescent Head, Australia, but for now, driving his 73 Ford Ranchero around LA gives him life.


^Zac likes to keep it simple with a classic high and tight buzz cut, but don’t think that limits his style.  When he’s sporting an on-duty look, he likes to wear it militant but approachable so he uses the pliable, all-day hold of the Hard Cream Pomade.  He keeps his skin looking as youthful and fit as the rest of him with Super Shape™ Skin Recharge Cream.

Check out all the looks from our Style Guide and live life true.


2017 Style Guide: René Grincourt

Here at Baxter of California, we believe in letting you set the tone for your own style—our simple, superior selection of thoughtfully curated hair, skin, and shaving essentials help you fuel your best self and unleash what makes you, you.

With the release of our 2017 Style Guide, we thought we’d share a little bit about the guys featured inside the guide, and the products used for their signature looks. First up, meet René.

René (@renegrincourt)


French-born René moved from his home town of Chessy to Paris to study and currently makes his home in LA. He sports a classic connected haircut and loves taking photographs, writing, French food and kickboxing. He hopes to make photography his life one day soon. Till then, he focuses on savoring today and not letting any of his fears keep him from stepping outside of his security zone and trying new things. Curious by nature, he’ll walk up to a stranger just to chat them up and see what they’re about. His beard and distinctive tattoo make it easy for him to be picked out of a lineup, not that he’s been in any that we know of.


^When going for an urban gent polished look, he wears it slicked back and smooth with a combination of Hard Water Pomade and Soft Water Pomade.


^For a rougher look, he wears it side-parted and separated with a mix of Clay Pomade and Soft Water Pomade for just the right amount of texture, hold and shine.


^For a casual, lived-in look, he wears it loosely defined with Hard Cream Pomade which delivers lightweight moisture and hold.

René likes late nights out, so regardless of his look, he keeps his skin in mint condition with a revitalizing skincare routine. The age-fighting nutrients in the Oil Free Moisturizer ensure he always wakes up to a healthy and renewed complexion. A quick weekly detox with Clay Mask leaves his skin ready and able to face whatever life throws out at it. Our signature aluminum-free Deodorant stops perspiration in its tracks and keeps him fresh, day or night.