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Barber Rituals: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether you’re single, spoken for, or somewhere in-between this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to take pride in yourself and what you have to offer. It can be a little daunting, even stressful, for some, so we hit Baxter Finley Barber & Shop to ask a few of our barbers about their Valentine’s Day experiences, tips and grooming rituals.

Monique (@marketbarber)


Our own Femme Fatale of Fades, Monique , likes to prep for her romantic ventures in 2 ways. Firstly, she gets her head in the game, prepping her state of mind with her own confidence-boosting playlist designed to resonate with every romantic bone in her body. She then sets up her space by creating a clean, pristine, and relaxing atmosphere, lighting some santo palo incense, and adjusting the lighting to promote a positive mood. Get it girl!

Erik (@erikdabarber)


Erik always gets a haircut and shaves before a big date; it’s just what’s done. Has he ever forgotten V-day and had to deal with an angry girlfriend? Sure he has, but that’s what flowers and candy are for. And what makes a date enjoyable for this gentleman barber? His go-to’s include an expensive dinner at The Grove, some great conversation, and a little Barry White to set the mood at the end of the night. Ohhh yeah.

David (@pdavidalexander)


David has a few solid moves up his sleeve. His winning pickup line? “The drunker you get, the better I look. Can I buy you a drink?” Instead of Valentine’s Day, he chooses to celebrate Singles Awareness Day with a good long hike followed by dinner and a movie. Flowers and chocolates aren’t really his thing—he prefers a nice scotch. His romantic style is offbeat but adventurous; he once spent Valentine’s Day in Paris with a total stranger and had a blast. That’s bold!

And there you have it; where V-day is concerned, there’s no right or wrong way. However you choose to celebrate, remember to make it fun, classy and uniquely your own style.



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How To Blow Dry In 5 Easy Steps

Blow drying your hair is one of the best known tricks of the trade for extending the shelf life of your style. Whether it’s a gravity-defying pompadour or a sleek side part, a little pre-planning and a good bit of heat will do wonders for preserving your coif all day long. Our Baxter stylist Nicolas Perez has  taken the guess work out of heat styling, breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1 – First thing’s first:
• Towel dry well, removing excess moisture before you start styling.

Step 2 – Choose tools wisely:
• Brushes, combs and fingers make great styling tools but deliver differing results.

Step 3 – Lay the foundation:
• Apply and evenly distribute product evenly, working thoroughly into damp hair. This will allow you to finish off with a product that will help you achieve your desired final look.

Step 4 – Start styling:
• Loose, lived-in pomps need a generous amount of cream pomade. Aim the dryer so it pushes hair on the side of your head down and back for that slick look. Lift the bangs with your fingers, drying from root-to-tip, the more tension you have on the strands, the more lift and volume you’ll achieve.

Step 5 – Finishing touches:
• At the crown or cowlick, aim to get it to lay smooth. Once dry and you’ve achieved the desired shape, apply a finishing product like Hard Water Pomade. With your BoC comb, move hair in the direction you would like to see it, using fingers to loosen and separate hair adding movement and texture.

Other tips to make it easy for you:
Focus on what’s important:
• Maybe it’s the front; it could be volume, a part or even problem areas like a cowlick.

Work with what you got:
• Don’t fight your hair, instead embrace and enhance. Encourage hair to do what it likes to do naturally, allowing your style to last longer with greater appeal.

Aim, tame and style:
• Let the blow dryer do the work for you, it works best when used for shaping rather than just drying.

If at first you don’t succeed:
• Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the exact results you had in mind. A few minutes a day with a dryer will give you a style that can last all day with minimal upkeep, allowing your products to last longer and reach their full potential.

Practice makes perfect:
• Ask your trusted professional for advice on what styles work best for your hair. They’ll give you the best tips and products for your desired look. They’ll help you to replicate a desired style at home.


Celebrating #BaxterDads

Father’s Day is a very special time here at Baxter of California.  For us, it’s about celebrating the unique relationship between a father and son. The importance of grooming is passed on from generation to generation, introduced by dad at a young age. To celebrate #BaxterDads, we spent the day at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop talking to 5 father-son duos about  grooming – how the dads showed them to shave and groom themselves, and the memories the sons now have around grooming. Read below for more and watch the #BaxterDads Father’s Day video here.


Prospero and his son Oscar are in the restaurant business with Oscar owning 5 successful restaurants in the LA area from Downtown to Venice. He remembers his father always shaving with a single blade razor, which he does to this day and how when he was 19 his mustache was so sparse his wife had to fill it in with makeup. They both love classic cars and going on road trips to Vegas and Laughlin.


Scott Toepfer, a local photographer, and his 3 year old son Levi hung out at Baxter Finley with Levi running around the shop asking lots of questions. Scott is very proud of Levi’s open and inquisitive nature and has already begun teaching him how to fix bikes and take pictures with a 35mm camera. The most rewarding thing for Scott is when Levi learns something from him and hopes to teach him to always be gracious, respectful and thankful.


Ralph and Gabriel Ornelas had a great time at Baxter Finley! Ralph, a recently retired LA Sheriff Department Commander,  thought they did a much better job shaving his head than he ever has and Gabriel, who runs all collaborations and film licensing for Oscar-winning director, Baz Lurhmann, really enjoyed the hot towel treatment with Baxter of California’s Shave Tonic. Ralph teases that his son wanted to be a crossing guard as a kid and would one day have to take over doing goofy impressions from his dad. Gabriel used to pretend to shave with his dad with a Bic razor with the blade guard on and always remembers how neat and groomed his father looked in uniform.


Michael Pedicone, a barber at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, gave his 15 month old son Luca James a haircut. He hopes to teach his son how to work on motorcycles and how to use a straight razor as soon as possible. The wisdom he wants to impart to his son is the importance of always looking put-together and having good hygiene even if you’re rocking a casual messy look.


Steven and Bolen Gorden are both in the family business of barbering, stretching over 3 generations. Steven got to cut Bolen’s hair for the first time in 12 years and for both it was an emotional trip down memory lane.  One of Bolen’s earliest memories was making a nuisance of himself running around in the morning while Dad was shaving before going to work. Steven would sometimes let Bolen pretend shave with the razor guard on.


How To Cocktail Pomades

Image: Bethany Catherine @bethcath

We sat down with our Baxter stylist Whitney Vermeer (@whitneyvermeer) for a tutorial on pomade cocktailing – what it is, why you need to know it, and most importantly, how to do it yourself. Read on below for Pomade Cocktailing 101.

Q:  What is cocktailing?

Cock-tail-ing (v)

A treatment regimen that includes a combination of several styling products, so that their combined effect is more potent than that of any of the products used individually. No one has perfect hair. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution. At Baxter of California we provide you with the essentials. Giving you the opportunity to play chemist and develop an ideal solution specific to your hair type and texture.

Q: When/why should I cocktail?

To achieve the same result as you receive in the salon. Rarely does your stylist use just one product in your hair.

Q: What are the steps to cocktail?

  1. Analyze hair
  2. Identify desired result
  3. Emulsify driest product first
  4. Add second product (make sure products are completely broken down between your palms)
  5. Distribute evenly throughout hair

Q: How do I choose the products to mix?

Identify the desired hold (firm, medium, light) then choose the finish (shine, natural, matte)

Q: Any tips on cocktailing for specific hair types? Straight, wavy, curly etc.

Some of my favorite formulas:

–For that thick hair that needs to be cemented into place:  FhSf = CP + HwP

Firmest Hold/Shine Finish= Clay Pomade + Hard Water Pomade


–For longer, textured hair or curly hair: MhNf = HcP + SwP

Medium Hold/Natural Finish = Hard Cream Pomade +  Soft Water Pomade

** The Soft Water Pomade added into the Hard Cream Pomade will dilute the hold to a medium hold.


–For a controlled pompadour,  FhMf = CP + HcP

Firm Hold/Matte Finish = Clay Pomade + Hard Cream Pomade

** The Hard Cream Pomade helps to break down the beeswax in the Clay Pomade without loosening its hold. This dynamic duo leaves a firm hold without demising volume. I especially love using this formula in towel dried hair and finishing this style out with a blow dryer and denman brush to achieve a controlled, voluminous pompadour.




Q&A With Baxter Stylist, Whitney

We caught up with Baxter star stylist, Whitney Vermeer a fellow Minnesotan from an award-winning salon to gain some knowledge of men’s hair from a woman’s perspective. This girl wields clippers like a boss – she’ll force you to consider the ladies next time you’re freshening your fade.

Baxter: Hi Whitney! Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from, where do you live now and what do you like to do?

Whitney: I grew up in a small touristy lake town in Iowa. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As cliché as it sounds—I love to work! I love working on editorial projects and getting involved in any creative process, really. There is something electric about working on a project with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and creating something together. Aside from that—I’m a family girl! I love being at the lake with my family, my partner and our little dog, Toby.

Baxter: How did you get into hair?

Whitney: My grandma actually talked me into it! I went to school originally for Business and Marketing. After completing my first year, I had told her I wasn’t enjoying school and she had suggested I try out hair school. I fell in love instantly.

I worked as a generalist for 5 years prior to moving to Minneapolis. I had the incredible honor of being mentored under world-renowned Kurt Kueffner, and was able to develop a unique skill-set of cutting freehand based off of bone structure and the nuances of each individual’s head shape.

Since then, I have been exclusively cutting men’s hair and now work as the Men’s Director for an award-winning salon, while also being a Baxter of California Educator, Hattori Hanzo Guest Artist and a session stylist for fashion shows and editorial photo shoots.

Hair-WhitneyVerMeerModel-Kyle Lieberman (VisionMPLS Fusion NYC)Photographer-Jay Kelly2

Model: Kyle Lieberman, Photographer: Jay Kelly

Baxter: Wow, that sounds like a full plate! We know that you’re also a photographer and have amassed quite the following on Instagram. How has the platform impacted your professional life? And who are your favorite people to follow on social?

Whitney: Instagram has taken my career to the next level. Social media has not only given me incredible opportunities, but I would say 95% of my client base has been built off of Instagram and referrals. If you’re in a visual industry and you’re not on social media—you’re not in the game.

Also, I believe it is crucial to provide men with a sort of look-book to present them with ideas/inspiration for hairstyles they may want to achieve. Instagram has provided a great platform for me to share ideas with clients.

As a creative, I find myself more inspired by architecture, fashion, music, people, different cultures. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are: @Humans.Of.New.York, @Patternity, @DarkAtticSix and @MonochromeMavens.

Baxter: Part of being in this space is knowing about the next big thing. What are some trends you see in the men’s space?

Whitney: Currently I am seeing a lot of what I would call a Textured Crewcut. Aggressively short on the sides and top with a lot of textured movement to create a no-fuss look. I also am still seeing a lot of different variations of the undercut.

Hair-WhitneyVerMeerModel-Wes SchrockPhotographer-Bethany Schrock2

Model: Wes Schrock, Photographer: Bethany Schrock

I love to get creative with the levels of connection/disconnection on the fade portion of this haircut. I find that my clients love that they are getting a unique, tailored version of this haircut unlike all of their other friends who maybe have a regular undercut. For me this has been a huge point of difference.

Not only are guys today loving a more tailored haircut, I have noticed more men taking that approach with their clothing as well. Nothing looks better than a bespoke suit. Why wouldn’t you want something made just for you? I also have a denim tailor and dress shirt designer that work closely with my clients to make sure they are always on their game.


Baxter: Make sense—you have a great sense of style yourself. What are some designers or brands you’re digging currently?

Whitney: Thank you! I am currently really into monochromatic street style. My closet is mostly black, white, and gray. I would say my style is a mix of feminine/tomboy. Most days you can find me in black leather boots, a men’s shirt of some sort (probably white) and a black leather jacket—finished, of course, with a bright lipstick. Lipstick is always my pop of color. :)

Designers I am currently loving include Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, McQueen, Helmut Lang. I also love to support small homegrown companies. My closet is a mixture of everything as far as labels go.

Baxter: Describe your energy/spirit in 3 words.

Whitney: Authentic, Determined, Resilient

Baxter: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Whitney: That’s a tough question! I’d probably have to say London or New York.

Baxter: Thanks for hangin’ out, Whitney! Until next time.

Whitney: Yea! Anytime.


5 Styling Tips from Baxter Finley barber Frank

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop barber Frank Sariles spoke to Birchbox about his favorite tips & tricks when it comes to styling your hair, picking products and visiting your barber.


1. Start styling hair soon after showering – the earlier you start styling your hair, the easier it will be, and the more control you’ll have. At the very least brush your hair into place—even if it’s just with your hands—so that it dries in the right style.
2. It’s best to style your hair on the drier end as opposed to dripping wet. Drier hair helps prevent diluting the styling product.
3. Make the most of natural curls and waves – products with shine like Hard Water Pomade control them and add to their finishes.
4. Think about hair thickness when picking a styling product – a cream is good for thick hair because it won’t weight it down, a clay is good for fine hair because it won’t separate it.
5. When going in for a cut, don’t wear a hat or use too much product that day. Hair is best when cut in its natural state, and hat hair or gunk can impair your barber’s ability to cut. 

Frank’s favorite products: Clay Pomade, Daily Protein Shampoo & Daily Moisturizing Conditioner.


Baxter Finley 3

StreetStyle at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

Get to know some of the guys who visit our barbershop in West Hollywood, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, and read up on the trends that inspire them and the products they use to style their cuts.


Who he is: Anh. Works at LiveNation. Music-lover, concert-goer. Classically trained pianist.

What he calls his style: “In transition… Going from bright colors to a more mature look.”

Who’s his barber: Chris

What’s his hair story: Ivy League cut. Uses Hard Cream Pomade.


Who he is: Evan, Real Estate Agent. Native Angeleno. Car/tattoo/mustache-lover.

What he calls his style: “Metro chic… Suits for work, skinnies for night.”

Who’s his barber: Ryan

What’s his hair story: Longer, textured top and natural fade on the sides. Generally inspired by David Beckham. Uses Clay Pomade.


#BaxterStyleIcons: Behind The Scenes

Straight from the Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in LA, our Artistic Ambassador, Matthew Morris created original, modern looks on a handful of Baxter men we’ve chosen as our style icons. All of our #BaxterStyleIcons are repping a different hairstyle, using tried and tested Baxter products.

Below is an insider’s look at what went on behind the scenes of the #BaxterStyleIcons photoshoot. But more importantly, click HERE to get up close and personal with an array of hairstyles that would give even David Beckham a run for his money.

“Because men’s grooming is more prevalent than ever, I’ve been creating more men’s collections and men’s editorials. When I am working on set, Baxter of California is uber-flexible, layer–able, and really performs to create that ‘California cool’, casual look and then take it 180 degrees to something modern and edgy. The line really changes the game with how Baxter of California relates to stylists and clients and continues to perform in the salon” – Matthew Morris, Artistic Ambassador.


Sonny’s fine hair is given strength, texture and non-greasy shine with a mix of Soft Water Pomade and Cream Pomade.

See the rest of the #BaxterStyleIcons looks here.



Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

Founded in 2010, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop is Baxter of California’s flagship barbershop and retail outpost in Los Angeles. Aptly named after the brand’s founder, the shop provides services tailored specifically to men. Designed and built with an old world charm, the shop has restored, Koken “White King” chairs from the early 1900s, reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring, custom oak-and-marble backbars with subway tile to fit the classic scene.

Haircuts at Baxter Finley include hot towel and razor clean up on the side and back of the neck. Straight razor shaves are accompanied with a custom hot towel treatment using Baxter of California’s special Shave Tonic. The shop showcases Baxter of California grooming products and shaving implements for men, along with goods from brands like Marvis and Juniper Ridge.

The shop is the home to the finest Barbers this side of the Mississippi.  All trained in the deep rooted heritage and artistry of Barbering. Taking from the skills of the past and applying it to the new styles of today our Barbers will take care of you and make sure you get what you want. Getting a haircut or shave from Baxter Finley is more then just a cut or shave, it is an experience.

The shop is our testing ground for all of our products. There you will get expert advice on how to use our product to keep you looking good night and day. Our barbers have all the tricks of the trade and will share those secrets with you when sitting in our chairs.

Here at Baxter we are proud of our California legacy. We believe in the California way of life through and through. Whether your a local or touching down for the day, stop on by and make us a part of your California experience. Head on over to the official Baxter Finley website for more details on how to book your appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you.