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Dylan Gordon – An introduction to Yosemite

Ventura, California based photographer Dylan Gordon is best described as the ultimate road warrior. Whether it be the weekend trudge over the border for a quick surf/photo adventure or trip up to California’s finest National Park, Yosemite, just to show some friends from the east the true meaning of natural beauty, Dylan drives the extra mile to tap into an experience with his camera that words can hardly describe. Have a read below to get Dylan’s full scoop on the trip and the images he captured throughout. Check out our Instagram to see Dylan as our latest #ofcalifornia featured photographer.

“There are certain things in this world that no matter what, humble you every time.. Usually a smell, a sight, an action, a feeling. Somehow without question, no matter how many times I go, frequently or not, the first look into the valley is always one that forces you to slow down, stop and take it all in. There’s a vastness to the sight that makes you feel that it is your very first time seeing it, even if you saw it the day before or the year before. As if it had just rained the air feels fresher, crisper than usual, the smell of pine hinting at its wildness, the sounds of sharp frigid winds whisping clouds across the sky overhead, and the sight of monumental granite formations protruding from the earth… It gets me every time, just like the first.

We only had a single day to explore the valley. It was my friends James & Erin’s first time there so we had to do something worthy of our short window. Although even just setting foot in the place can seem to be good enough to satisfy any need, we decided to pack camp at 5 AM and head up from the valley floor to one of the peaks to catch sunrise. We didn’t make it to the summit by sunrise proper, but we managed to land right at the center of Yosemite Falls as the sun peaked around the side of Half Dome, lighting up the falls in a way I had never seen. Misty sets scaled the walls down as gravity took the water for a ride to the valley floor. It was hard to leave the sight, but we marched on to the top and proceeded to take in every sight, scent and view we could. It was hard to stop exploring deeper and deeper, but we managed to find the right spot for a long nap, chats and snacks before heading back to camp to pack up and head home.

It was short lived, but 24 hours of well needed nature nurturing.”

















Mikael Kennedy – #OfCalifornia

#OfCalifornia is an Instagram series built around the photographic documentation of the California landscape. We have selected some of our favorite photographers to give us their take on California. We will be featuring a new photographer every month.

For the Month of February we will be showcasing the work of Mikael Kennedy. Brooklyn based, Mikael finds any excuse to escape back to California. He has spent a great deal of his youth exploring every part of the State and as an accomplished photographer has captured a very intimate take on our Golden State.

“In November of 2013 I was talking to my friend Jeff Thrope who was bumming around California for the month. I was sitting in NYC staring out my window at the grey lady, dreaming of the open road. If you’ve never ridden highway one, there isn’t much that compares. I agreed to meet him in Big Sur two days later where he would be camping in a friend’s school bus parked on the top of Partington Ridge. We stayed there two nights and then rode the coast for days, Big Sur to Mendocino, a sleeping bag in the trunk and a bag of film in my lap.” – From the book ‘California’ by Mikael Kennedy published by Done To Death projects.

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